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Inclement Weather

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The primary consideration when deciding to close or delay the opening of our school, or keep the regular schedule; is the safety of the children
It is also important to keep in mind that weather and street conditions can vary greatly within Norwalk. 
Another important consideration when deciding to close, delay or stay open is the ability of the public works dept. to plow the streets and school driveway. 
For school closing and delays please listen to the following radio station: WEBE 108 / 107.9 FM and NEWS 12 on cable. 
Also visit: , and our FaceBook Page
Closing and delays are paid for. 
Please be assured that no decision is made with a greater sense of responsibility for the safety of Apple Tree children that the decision to close school because of bad weather.  There is no standard formula about whether or not to close.  Each storm is unique in terms of time, conditions, response, and forecast. 
- Sincerely, 
Gerri Calka-Flewellyn

3 and 4yr Olds 
Fall / Summe


$100 Registration Fee*
* Per Program - Non Refundable 

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