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We know the feeling. You look back slowly after leaving your screaming toddler in the hands of a teacher at a day care facility. Your stomach rumbles, your knees get weak and you think to yourself "my poor child is going to hate me". Guilt sets in as you get to work and you feel the urge to run back and rescue your child! Trust us, you are not alone. Many parents feel this way, its normal. But some people take their distrust and nervousness to a whole new level. So to ease your nerves we have come up with top 5 day care myths! Demystifying what really happens at day care!

1. Poor kids cry all day!

This one is so far from the truth its not even close to reality. We take great care of your little ones. We might even baby them too much! Our staff is trained to acknowledge a Childs feelings and needs and are trained to access the situation and take action. Whether its a quick and comforting hug to a magic band-aid, we ensure their well being is paramount.

2. They are better off with Mom vs. a stranger!

From our initial phone conversation to the time we meet in person we are building an ongoing relationship. By the time you drop your toddler off with us we know their name, their likes and dislikes and we are absolutely not strangers any longer.

3. Its a mad house, they do anything they want!

We follow a routine every day. After all, this is what kids at their age crave; structure. Take a look at our daily schedule to see what we do on an hourly basis. From character visits to touch a truck and dancing we map out the whole day for your Child's enjoyment.

4. Why work to pay day care?

There are many factors to take into consideration when considering the pros vs cons of taking your leave of absence or simply quitting your job to care for your child. Insurance, Retirement Funds, College Fund Contributions, Pensions. If you do the math the pros of day care economics absolutely outweigh the cons. But, everyones financial landscape is different.

5. Day care is just bad for kids!

Hmm. Day care is a hub where kids constantly are learning to place trust in people other than their parents), where they are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities on a daily basis! They learn to play nicely with others, cover their mouth when they cough, and eat with manners! Bad? Absolutely not!

We welcome you to call and make an appointment to visit us! You will love our structure, our systems in place and most of all the love we have for all of the children.

See you soon!

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