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TOP 5 MUST HAVE'S - For Potty Training!

Potty Training can be tricky, frustrating and stressful and it's only the beginning!

Moving from diapers to underwear is a huge change to the world your child has been used to since birth. It is no wonder then why for some kids its just too much to handle. Kids love structure and consistency and when a pattern breaks it can make them very irritable.

At Apple Tree Preschool we have seen many parents struggle with the potty training concept as well! Patience is the key and being consistent with potty training techniques will work wonders for your child. Like many other day care centers, we can not change diapers at our facility since we are operated by the state of Connecticut.

Thankfully there are many useful supplies that can help you guide your not-so-cooperative little one as they take on this new potty challenge!

Below are 5 MUST HAVES we feel will make everybody's life easier and will get your child to enjoy our preschool program with the rest of their peers.

1. Get a Potty chair

There are tons of them to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are girly girl potty chairs some are boy potty chairs with animated cartoons and some are plain and everywhere in between. Some flush and some empty. Some have lids, while others are open.

Whichever one you choose remember that it should allow your child’s feet to be flat on the floor for sitting down and standing back up.

2. Consider a Mini Toilet Seat!

AKA seat reducers, a mini toilet seat that fits right into your regular toilet seat.

Their a good option if you’re tight on space. Another plus is that there’s no cleaning of urine or feces, simply flush it all down your toilet. But make sure , your child has a safe and quick way to reach a seat on the toilet!

3. Get a Step Stool

The height of the step stool will depend on the use. A single step stool may work well for reaching the toilet, but make sure you grab an extra one to help your child reach the sink.

You might only need one if you don’t mind pushing it around. But if you have bathrooms on more than one level, consider getting a couple so you have one on both floors.

4. Underwear

After successfully using the toilet ten times, its time to go get some underwear!

BUT make sure you make it fun!

Do they have a favorite cartoon character? Favorite color?

Whichever one you get make sure they are loose and easy to take off and put back on.

5. Easy-to-remove clothing

Imagine trying to take off tight fitting clothes when you get the urge to go?!

Its a disaster waiting to happen!

Dresses, sweatpants, cotton material etc., you get the picture. Make it as easy as possible for your little one to go to the potty without the extra stress of figuring out buttons or zippers!

Good luck on your potty training quest! Hopefully our five must haves tips will prove to be effective in training your child to use the bathroom properly. We will be rooting for your success! Remember the quicker you train him or her, the quicker they can enjoy all of our wonderful activities at Apple Tree Preschool! See you soon!

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