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Picking the right day care!

Choosing a day care is a very hard decision for most parents. There are so many moving parts! Do you go with one that is closest to your home or one that has the best reviews? Do you ask for opinions from other parents or do you just commit and go through with one someone recommended?

The truth is, in Fairfield County there are tons of options but few have lasted the test of time. When choosing a day care for your children it is always a great idea to research how long they have been in business for. Sure a brand new facility with the newest toys and expanded area looks great, but can they deliver personalized activities and attention to your little one? Do the shiny newly painted walls and the new carpets really matter when it comes to the safety and mental growth of your baby?

Apple Tree Preschool has been a long established day care center dedicated to the safety and growth of children in Fairfield County. We opened our doors in 1971 and many of our first students have come back only this time with their own children in tow! Our staff has been here for many years and are trained in child development and truly take interest in daily activities with children. But simply existing for a long time should always be paired with the careful preparation of the school year.

Our monthly agenda covers many rotating topics including Learning about Ourselves, Fire Prevention and Safety, Home and Family, Transportation, Animals and more. Apple Tree Preschool even outlines a daily schedule that balances out your child’s day.

At Apple Tree Preschool we provide a very friendly, caring and supportive environment. We consistently are chosen by area parents as their go-to preschool for their children. We maintain a non-stressful atmosphere that children really enjoy.

We understand it can be a stressful time for you and your little one. Contact us to schedule a visit so you can experience our school first hand!

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